Onff  line Mismatch

Identify a popularity disparity between the
online and offline worlds

New York City's retails are losing visitors, largely due to the popularity of online shopping. In this study, we are particular interested in if online reviews, another channel of online acitivities, will contribute to the offline world's livelihood. To unpack this relationship, we ask the following question:

1. Are online reviews a good predictor predicting the offline activity in cities?

2. What other factors might have further impact on street level activities in the modern cities?

We specify four types of factors in this study, the Online Popularity described by both number of reviews, and stars given by reviewer, the Beautifulness of physical environment, the Diversity and local characteristics, and the Accessibility to transportation system. In this process, we create a Manhattan O2O Mismatch Index Map using the residual from our study model.